SoftAgility Systems, Inc.: Partner for iManage Autonomy and IDOL.


There are various products that we create and manage to implement your vision, andto make your imagination become a reality.

Export Master

Export Master was developed as an easy-to-use tool to conveniently export documents and corresponding folders from WorkSite to Windows. This tool also provides you with the ability to schedule andcustomize the exports. This makes mass document exports child's play and helpsyou to provide your clients with complete set of case documents while theytravel. This tool also gives you the ability to export folder structures whilecreating copies of documents to send to the client, thereby significantly reducingthe time required to sort through numerous documents in order to locate therequired  information. Manually exportingdocuments have the probability of being misplaced which could prove to be verycostly for the success of  your  success and potentially tarnish yourimage.  Export Master allows you to search/choose documents based on various criteria such as:  type of document,  location in WorkSite, client name and/o r any combination of available metadata.  For auditing purposes, a detailed audit trail of activities is also generated by a single click of  the mouse..

Access Master

Access Master is a WorkSite tool which allows you to simultaneously and securely add or modify users, groups, and roles for one or more WorkSite libraries . Great News is that you can quickly and easily locate and add users or groups from large Active Directory environments. It allows you to specifically add and modify users, groups, and roles which  helps to ensure that users no longer require NRTAdmin access to perform these functions. Typically, security policies dictate that staff creating new users must not have access to end user passwords. The tool allows new passwords to be generated through an algorithm randomly and then it emails directly to the WorkSite user.  Mostly adding Active Directory users is a slow and tedious process in   multiple user environments.However, this tool helps to enhance and speed up search for users and assists in importing users simply and  quickly from a text file generated through ADS. 


  • Inexpensive bulk emails delivery
  • Automatically integrates with all popular e-mail software: Outlook (with an optional toolbar), Outlook Express, Gmail, etc.
  • Contact information needs only to be changed in one place. Either in your smart phone, Google web account or outlook, and eDelivery will synchronize all contact changes.
  • Rapidly deliver messages all-at-once, in staggered batches (automatically keeping to your ISP's sending limits) or at a scheduled date
  • Setup your mailing to be automatically mailed out at any given day and time.
  • View the entire history of each batch sent.

Link Master

LinkMaster will help to store the Caseware files within WorkSite, ie. a PDF archive maintaining the full CaseWare file structure. This helps theclient to have permanent and future access to Caseware documents. This toolattaches to the Caseware application and users can just select the Synchronizeoption to enable for non-CaseWare users to access this information fromWorkSite. Completed Caseware documents can be added to workflow processes forquick review by management. This tool will help CaseWare users to reap fullbenefits Autonomy iManage WorkSite: One click access all client related contenti.e. correspondence, reports, email, etc. Caseware users can track documentversions,  profile documents, perform a fulltext search on their documents and provide access to external clients