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Our Services

SoftAgility can provide you the right tools and training to solve your concerns:

  • Buried in email and do not know what to do?
  • Having trouble controlling content, finding  and leveraging documents?
  • Not able to access documents from anywhere, anytime or on your mobile device?
  • WorkSite SDK training for your developers

HP Autonomy iManage Products - Worksite

HPAutonomy - iManage Worksite is a collaborative document management platformthat was built from ground up using Microsoft technologies.

  • Robust Document Management - Automatically manage documents, case files, and emails to ensure compliance and productivity
  • Advanced Search and Retrieval - Powered by IDOL, Worksite provides a conceptual and contextual understanding of electronic data with unmatched accuracy of results
  • Understands Meaning - Built on unique technology that drives automation by understanding the meaning of information; enabling intelligent routing and activity generation
  • Powerful Offline Capabilities - Provides the industry's most powerful offline capabilities, enabling remote users to access documents safely and securely
  • Extranet Access - Enable secure information sharing with client parties through  web browsing, without compromising security with improvement to client service and increasing client renewal
  • Easy-to-Use Interface - Provides an intuitive and customizable user experience for easily creating, managing and governing all content
  • Deployment Options – Available on an on-site hybrid or hosted solutions to account for departmental and enterprise needs across all phases for content management with
    versions available for search and reference
  • Petabyte Scalability - Worksite has petabyte scalability allowing them to grow and meet all business needs

Custom Development for WorkSite Software

The SoftAgility team of  professionals are experts in the development of custom software applications. We carry out custom programming, databasedesign, client-server and internet/intranet software.

Areas of Expertise
    • Certified developers to create iManage tools to suite your firm.
    • Expert in iManage Migration to export, import and create Matter-Centric WorkSpaces.
    • Provide the best document management system for law firms based on the firm size and requirement.
    • Web-based distributed business applications
    • N-tier web development using patterns-based architectures
    • Requirements gathering and definition
    • Worksite Document Management
    • Database design, implementation and integration
    • Project Management
    • Small business CRM and ERP Solutions
    • Business Intelligence
    • Quality Assurance
    • Timely Delivery
    • Post-Production and on-going troubleshooting support
    • Leader in working with iManage software, iManage Support and Autonomy software.

CRM, Website Design and Google Apps Integration

SoftAgility's expertises' includes CRM, Google Apps Integration and Web designing. Our team will work flawlessly to focus on your corporate needs.  Our priority in the designing of your website is to have it look attractive and be user friendly for all of your existing and potential clients. 

Our Solutions include:
  • Capture Every Sales Opportunity: Transform your sales with information you need.
  • Expert Collaboration: Sell with the power of the collective enterprise.
  • Social Selling: Sell based on relationships.
  • WorkFlow and Approvals: Sell more by automating your day to day tasks.
  • Email, Calendar and File Management: Integrates with outlook, gmail google apps.
  • Content Managed Sites: Registration and login and other features 
  • Smart Statistics to track your user and network traffic
  • Provide Reports  to analyse and improve performance of your web application
  • Google Apps Integration


IT Consulting, Support and Maintenance

Our team consists of strong, hard working,and focused individuals that come from various technical backgrounds and speak various languages. The expertise that they posses embraces a wide range of skills. Our team will work hard for you so you don't have to.

Managed Services
  • Worksite ,IDOL and Communication server Design, Installation, Training and upgrade from 8.2 to 8.5
  • Migrate documents to Worksite and create Workspaces.
  • Integrate with accounting system such as ProLaw to create Workspaces on the fly
  • All solutions are delivered by Autonomuy HP certified personnel
  • Help Desk Support
Application Development
  • Productivity Web Applications
  • Application Maintenance & Support
  • Technologies
Technology Expertise
Web: from conception of website (i.e Registration of domain) until site deployment
  • Custom Solutions: full project management and execution
  • Autonomy software, iManage Support, iManage Tools, Worksite Software..